To South America and Back

Monday, January 02, 2006

4:43 am Punta del este

So tired. Our hostel sucks. Bugs are everywhere, in my clothes, in my bed.

We had a really great blog yesterday, but for some reason it didn´t publish. We started in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and now, one boat and two busses later, we have arrived in Uruguay. Don´t fret though, we´re not done with Ar. just checking out some beaches with our lovely travel mate Chrissy Thuli.

The mishaps have been turning out to be the funniest parts. We forgot to print out the name of the first hostel that we were to stay at, but we didn´t. Oops. Gracious Pablo who picked us up at the airport and aimlessly drove around a city of 8 million people, I think was at his wit´s end, but he got us there.

por allì por allà - this has been our best direction, it means, just go over that way, and then turn and go that way.

Now here we are, in an internet cafe at 5 in the morning. Chrissy already tried to requesition a restaurante for us to sleep in, but that didn´t work out so well. We also tried to lie our way out of the hostel that we are in by telling them that Chrissy´s Aunt (made up) was taking us to Polonio right this instant (3 am). That didn´t work out so well either.

We 're still trying to fake our way into a local hotel with some Lonely Planet alias that we invented. It´s amazing what you can come up with in the early morning.

We´re off, "free" breakfast awaits somewhere.

Delta Force Sector Sud America over and out.


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