To South America and Back

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

S.A.L.T. Capacity

So, the Tupiza tour was terrible but after days of arguing and two nights free lodging, we filled our bellies with Immodium to endure one more day of Milton's cooking and headed to the Salt Flats...finally. It was absolutely amazing! Milton also tried his hardest to make the best of it and luckily we had a new cook as well as a new truck....this one actually was "muuuy bien"...

We got to reennact the pushing
and beat up Milton too.


At 7:05 PM, Anonymous Chrissy said...

BeaUtiFul Pics!!!!!! I never did make it I rEaLlY wanna go now!!! Another trip folks??? :)
Chrissy :) xoxoxoxoxoxo


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