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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ode to Chrissy

There is a lot to fill you in on but first we need to say a few words to mourn our recently departed favorite traveling buddy, Chrissy, as she is venturing back to Madison as we speak. She will be missed by South America but mostly (in my opinion) by me, Jeremy, and Auntie Alex. Here is a short list of the highlights from our trip thus far and those with which Chrissy had an influence over...

·"Man dog" (a black sharpei that lived at our first hostel)
·"Milling about"
·Mullets and rat tails (all the rage here)
·Swedish couple with tiny backpacks (our idols)
·Staring guy who Chrissy barked at
·Cake´s restaurant in Punta del Este
·Uruguayian man who rides his bike all day while blasting the same ad (the best part being when he stops to flip the tape from his walkmen which he keeps in his shirt pocket)

·Climbing Cerro del Toro
·The Turkish guy

·Auntie Alex

·Medio y Medio
·The mangy puppy that we wanted to take home

·(Last but not least) Chrissy´s famous quotes. Here´s a small sample...
-"You know how they take ears and grow them on rat´s backs for experiments and cloning? That´s what I look like."
-"It´s a remake of Juleo and Romiet"
-"Where does my mouth go?" will be greatly missed. expecting some fabulous earrings or similar when we return. You little sneak!


At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Mom-Kathy said...

It sounds like life with Crissy was fun! We talked to her Uncle Paul and told him you were visiting with her. Loved the pictures. Mom

At 5:48 AM, Anonymous Darshie said...

You guys are BeAuTiFuL!!!!!!! Oh, I actually got tears filling up in my sockets when I opened up your webpage!!!! I miss you SOOOOOOOOOO much! It sounds like you guys are headed in a fabulous direction, and I am so happy it includes "Auntie Alex!" Give her a big SQUEEEEZE for me, and do the same to yourselves! Oh, how much I wish I were still with you! But I will follow you all around South America, so keep up with your great log...
I am off tomorrow to home, (eeeeeek, shreeeeeeeeeeeek, ah!!!) and have been spending the last few days in Santiago getting burnt to a crisp and walking around with sunstroke. Cover up while you travel, this sun is EVIL!!! But of course in two days time, I will be begging for it again...
Love you both so much, I can`t wait to hear about your continuing adventures, and to one day (not far off!) travel with you again! ;))) I have to do this silly "recuperation" exam so that I can pass the class I failed here, so I don`t have to take it again in the summer...grrrr, how arbitrary is school anyway???...I`ll stick it out anyway, that way I am Boston Bound this summer! Oh I hope it works, Can`t WAIIIT!
Love you love you love you, and there in all my spirits!
Darshie ;))) p.s.(thanks for not including the picture where I look like the rat`s back with the ear, though I choked from laughter when I saw it in my inbox... ;))))))

At 10:46 AM, Blogger hans poot said...

when they approach you, the feds in their holiday finery, pay them no heed. they are, in fact, trying to steal your goodtimes.
also, what is the address that i am supposed to send monies to, and in what form do you wish said capital to materialized?
as for your foreign accounts, i believe them to be intact.
to preserve the combined MO, all field operatives will be refered to as either Douglas or Turner.
[gender interchange notwithstanding, i love you both]

sierra alpha november, Poot sends.

At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Scott Moe said...

The motorcycle guy with the megaphone just blew my mind!


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