To South America and Back

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Travels with Buzzy

Jeremy and I have tried hard to keep to our daily budget, spending hours hunting down the cheapest hostels, gorging on free breakfasts to last us to midday, looking longingly in store windows and walking on, and opting out of backpacker-famous tours. We even spent our last pennies...and then the next day Buzzy showed up! From then on we lived like kings and queens! My Dad spoiled us rotten and we enjoyed every minute of it. We dined at the most expensive hotel in all of South America (the Santa Clara in the Old City of Cartagena), we had a hotel room with air condioning and a tv, we ate three meals a day, we took taxis and went on tours! It was the best way to end our trip and we are so grateful to good ol' Buzz! More than just my father's donation to our cause, we so enjoyed having a friendly face, a fellow English speaker, and someone to join in our exciting adventure! We loved every minute of it...well maybe not the "death boat"'s a little peek at what the eight days entailed...

Shirley- our tour guide to the spectacular Hotel Santa Clara and to the fruits of Colombia

The best dessert in the entire world!!!

City tour of Cartagena

Jeremy's favorite animal

Buzzy enjoying a wonderful Colombian meal

A mud volcano that supposedly does wonders for your skin though we just loved bouncing around

Dixie's Colombian cousin

Isla del Pirata...where we stayed for three days, snorkelled, lounged around in hammocks and...

...played many rounds of bocce ball while sipping cervezas and rum and cokes


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