To South America and Back

Sunday, January 22, 2006


As Jeremy was saying... we visited the Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio with some friends we met along the way. Two Brits (Helen and Phil) who were staying next door to us in the funny little thermal bath hotel and also enjoying some cold beer on the porch. After a day of drinking and eating in Concordia, AR we took an overnight bus to Posadas and then a short trip to San Ignacio. We finished our long travels with a comfortable (and much needed) night in Puerto Iguazu. After planning our night bus ride, we boarded a local bus to Iguazu falls. We spent the day admiring the absolute beauty of powerful rushing water, lush vegetation, and awe-inspiring wildlife (while working hard to ignore the hundreds...actually maybe thousands of tourists swarming the park). The day was scorching hot and the humidity made it impossible to stay dry but it only made those times when the spray from the water falls drifting your way more enjoyable. We found salvation from the tourists on the island of San Martin where we got an even closer view of the falls as well as some peace and quiet to really take it all in. It's unbelieveable just how grand these waterfalls are! The pictures don't even come close to doing this natural wonder justice...

After a long day at Iguazu Falls, we quickly showered and dined on the same hamburgesas y licuados and jumped on our night bus to Cordoba, AR. We spent the day roaming the bustling streets of Cordoba where the downtown population is made up of mostly college students. This town is also known for having the most Catholic churches in Argentina. (Sorry this pic is sideways. I can´t seem to figure out how to rotate it without a program)

Cordoba was a nice place to spend the day but we were itching to see Mendoza after hearing so much about it so we boarded yet another night bus and arrived in the most wonderful city I've seen yet! Yes, there have been many that we've fallen in love with but Mendoza takes the cake thus far. The climate this time of year is hot yet dry, sunny yet the tree-lined streets provide the most comforting shade, local wine is for sale on every corner, the people are friendly, restaurants and cafés line the streets offering more than the usual fare, and most of all, this area has every activity to offer. We truly believe this is paradise. We're constantly discussing what everyone would think of it here and just how much we're going to promote all of you to travel to Mendoza some day. All right, all right...I'll save more Mendoza details (and many pics) for next time.

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At 12:31 PM, Anonymous lara yanovsky said...

the falls look beautiful, i'm so jealous. its rainy again in pdx. miss you

At 5:45 PM, Anonymous Chrissy said...

JEalousY spills from me too!!!! I only passed through Mendoza on a bus, but heard the most wonderful things about it there! I wish I were still with you guys! Mom and Dad had a welcome back party for me last night,and about 100 people came....! you can bet the world I talked of you much of the time, and how you are luckily still wandering about. They all want to hear your stories upon return, I'll plan the celebration!!!!!! :) love you guys!


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