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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Finale

Since we've been home, so many questions have been asked of us regarding our "favorites". We've found some of these questions difficult to answer, while others are quite simple. Mostly these questions made remembering our adventure gratifying. So we decided to post some of these questions on our blog to give it some closure...and to answer any questions that are left hanging out hope it inspires you to get your ass down there...

• Favorite country?
Aimee: Argentina
Jabber: Because of the variations in not only climate, attitudes, people, food, and environment...Argentina would have to be my favorite.

• Favorite city?
A:Mendoza, Argentina. Closely followed by Vilcabamba (Ecuador), Montevideo and Piriapolis (Uruguay).
J: Although Mendoza was a sight for many good times, food, and the like, Montevideo is a city that I greatly desire to return to.

• Best change of plans?
A: going to Colombia
J: deciding to do some camping

• Worst change of plans?
A: going to Puerto Montt, Chile...twice
J: None...everything worked out in the end

• Where do you wish you would have gone?
A: Tierra Del Fuego...and Brazil...damn Bush
J: Somewhere enjoyable in Chile

• Where do you wish you would have skipped?
A: Puerto Montt, Chile
J: Chile

• Of the cities that you visited, where would you be psyched to live?
A: Mendoza, Argentina or Vilcabamba, Ecuador
J: Montevideo (Uruguay), Mendoza (Argentina), anywhere in Patagonia.

• Most romantic moment?
A: Kissing J atop a mountain I swore I couldn't make it to the top of
J: La's a tie between that and doing yoga beside a stream while trekking in Patagonia outside of El Bolson.

• Funniest moment?
A: way too many...pushing an ancient Toyota Land Cruiser underneath the massive Bolivian sky at 4:00 in the morning wrapped in blankets with two Brits, two Bolivians, a South African, and Jeremy...well, it was funny later.
Or that picture of Chrissy..or really anything that she said...and when she locked us in our hotel room by accident and left for Buenos Aires.
J: Anything with Barny and Caroline

• Scariest moment?
A: Climbing the last ten feet of a mountain in snow...with my bare hands...and no one besides J for miles...and miles
J: Dealing with a dishonest cab driver while driving 90 miles an hour at 4:00 am in Quito.

• Favorite dog?
A: "Mendoza" (see below) and the One-eyed white dog in Ecuador that followed us into every store and internet cafe for a full day
J: Our little tag-along, "Mendoza"...who followed us for about three hours.

• Favorite food?
A: These fried dough balls in Colombia
J: All the interesting spiny-looking bright-colored fruits that we had never seen or heard of before.

• Favorite beverage?
A: alcoholic...Caipirinhas, Medio y Medio, and Malbec (not together;)). nonalcoholic...Inca Cola
J: Patricia (a Uruguayan beer) or sugarcane alcohol, or licquados durazno

• Favorite restaurant?

A: La Mora in Mendoza, ARG (see below) and the french place at the Santa Clara in Cartagena, COL
J: The french restaurant in the Santa Clara that Buzz took us to.

• Favorite bar?
A: The most awesome bar I've ever seen was in La Paz, Bolivia...decorated with machine parts...looked like it was created by Tim Burton
J: The one in Potosi, the one in Quito, and the one in Vilcabamba...or the one on the island in Colombia

• Favorite movie theater?
A: in Tucuman, Argentina...old and huge with industrial fans lining the walls
J: Tucuman...where we saw The Producers

• Favorite hotel/hostel?
A: Quinta Rufino in Mendoza, AR
J: Izcayhluma in Vilcabamba, Quinta Rufino in Mendoza, and the one in Tucuman...Hotel Petit, though he ripped us off.

• Most satisfying meal?

A: Pizza at Bostonian-owned place in Uyuni, Bolivia after the Tupiza terror Tour (see below)
J: the pizza we had in Bariloche, Argentina after we got back from our trek.

• Best transportation moment?
A: Leather seat bus ride in Peru when we finally got the front seats on the top level...except the rice meal with the lining of a cows stomach in it wasn't so tasty
J: Flying to Santiago, Chile...being in the air for New Year's with all the free drinks you can drink

• Worst transportation moment?
A: The 90 degree ride from a Bolivian border town to Tupiza with 100 drunk Bolivians after celebrating Carnival and one weird French guy.
J: Riding a luxury Argentinean bus and then switching to a broken down school bus in Bolivia...tied with the Tupiza tour

• Most memorable person?
A: South American- a Colombian taxi driver...traveller- (two actually) Barny and Caroline
J: Alex, Chrissy, Barny & Caroline, Javier...

• Where would you send your best friend?
A: Anywhere in Argentina
J: I guess probably Mendoza

• Where would you send your worst enemy?
A: Puerto Montt, Chile
J: Puerto Montt


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At 11:13 AM, Blogger Jess & Matt said...

Came across your blog when i was googling the Quinta Rufino in Mendoza. My husband and I are considering staying there in December. Looks like you would recommend it? I'm a little worried that Mendoza might be too big of a city for us. We generally enjoy small towns better. Would appreciate any advice you have!


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