To South America and Back

Sunday, January 22, 2006

One Quick Interruption!

We would really like to take a quick break from our tales to give immense thanks to our wonderful hosts in Montevideo: Auntie Alex, Celina, Claudia, and Manu. Alex was such a wonderful friend to us and we couldn't be more grateful for her hospitality and opening her apartment to us while she was away. Not only that, but she let us into her world and showed us around the beautiful city of Montevideo. We also want to send a special "thank you" to Alex's partner in crime, Andreas, who also showed us around town, took us out for ice cream, joined us for a much needed American flick, helped us with our Spanish, and told stories of his amazing travels. Alex also introduced us to Matilde, who we will be forever grateful to for tutoting us in Spanish during our stay. Everything she taught us has really paid off! Another special character was little Manu who filled our days with her love and constant attention. We will miss her greatly!

Thank you all for being such wonderful friends during our travels!

Lastly, let me include some pics from our experiences in Montevideo...

Meat everywhere!
The building that Alex bought to start her café (we can't wait to see it done!)

Manu's usual spot
The original gates to Montevideo. The city used to be completely enclosed but these original gates are all that still stands.


At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Kathy C. Dunn said...

The pictures are beautiful. The cat looks just like Sylvia the Siamese cat I had growing up. You two seem to be having quite the adventure. I'm sure you are not missing the cold MA or WI weather. Dad and I went skiing Sat and Sun. Dad keeps hinting that we may have to check out some of these places you are visiting in our retirement. Love to both,Mom D.

At 5:48 PM, Anonymous Chrissy said...

And did I mention, I wish I were there...??? :))))) xoxoxo

(I miss you guys...!)


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