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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mendoza Continued

After a total of seven days...we can safely say that Mendoza, Argentina is our favorite city yet. We did run into some snags here and there but the city itself was amazing. We rented bikes the second day to ride to the wineries but the mileage was way off, the route was not too pretty and the sun absolutely baked us. Let's just say we made it to one, skipped the tour, drank the wine to refresh ourselves, ate a quick appetizer, and hitch hiked home. Our second mishap was when we tried to book a trip to the mountains. The man who ran it ended up cancelling because he was having family troubles. Jeremy was really looking forward to it but I think we made up for it further south (hopefully we'll get to that post soon). Our final catastrophe was when we accidently broke the LCD screen on our camera. To make matters worse, it is not equipped with the old school view finder. So please excuse if our pictures are off center, out of focus, or over/under exposed (as we can't even use the menu options!). For all that went wrong, we absolutely LOVED this city and everything it offered. Here is a little summary...

Mendoza's best attributes:
-Small in size but so much to offer (you can walk just about anywhere!)
-Sunny skies and shaddy trees
-An abundance of bustling plazas
-Amazing, amazing (I can't stress enough) restaurants with more to offer than grilled meat, ham and cheese, pasta, and pizza.
-Friendly locals (and some specific friendly tourists from Buenos Aires...)

-Less foreign tourists than many other cities
-Nice stray dogs ("Mendoza" being our favorite-see Jeremy┬┤s entry)
-Tons of outdoor activities
-Cheap cheap cheap! (except for tourist places that know they can take your money)
-and of course...the Malbec!

And this one is for Rosie...a pancho with ketchup, mustard, mayo, Thousand Island, ham, and cheese (a mortal sin in Rosie's eyes!)


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